EUROpean Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

ARchive for Functional Analysis

CEN.PK2 wild type reference strains used in the German functional analysis project and EUROFAN I 

acc. no. strain name genotype
30000A CEN.PK2-1C MATa; ura3-52; trp1-289; leu2-3,112; his3Δ 1; MAL2-8C; SUC2
30000B CEN.PK2-1D MATα ura3-52; trp1-289; leu2-3,112; his3Δ 1; MAL2-8C; SUC2
30000D CEN.PK2 MATa/MATα ura3-52/ura3-52; trp1-289/trp1-289; leu2-3,112/leu2-3,112; his3Δ 1/his3Δ 1; MAL2-8C/MAL2-8C; SUC2/SUC2


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