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    A versatile toolbox for PCR-based tagging of yeast genes: new fluorescent proteins, more markers and promoter substitution cassettes

    Carsten Janke, Maria M. Magiera, Nicole Rathfelder, Christof Taxis, Simone Reber, Hiromi Maekawa, Alexandra Moreno-Borchart, Georg Doenges, Etienne Schwob, Elmar Schiebel, Michael Knop

    Yeast (2004) 21, 947 - 962

    We offer all plasmids listed in the above paper as a kit (Acc. Nr.: PCR-TOOLBOX) containing appr. 75 plasmids for a handling fee of 200 EUR plus an administration fee of 15 EUR per order. Several months behind shedule we now start to distribute the plasmids. The use of the plasmids is restricted to academical users for pure academic research. Before dispatching the plasmids we need a signed material transfer agreement. Please download the material transfer agreement, and send two signed copies to EUROSCARF. We will return one countersigned material transfer agreement together with the plasmids.

    When applying for the plasmids pYM48 and pYM51, additional material transfer agreements have to be signed. Plasmids pYM37 and pYM41 did not pass our quality check. The constructors were not able to replace the incorrect plasmids.

    accession no. plasmid tag marker
    P30347 pFA6-hphNT1 - hphNT1
    P30346 pFA6-natNT2 - natNT2
    P30299 pYM13 TAP kanMX4
    P30300 pYM14 6HA kanMX4
    P30301 pYM15 6HA HIS3MX6
    P30302 pYM16 6HA hphNT1
    P30303 pYM17 6HA natNT2
    P30304 pYM18 9myc kanMX4
    P30305 pYM19 9myc HIS3MX6
    P30306 pYM20 9myc hphNT1
    P30307 pYM21 9myc natNT2
    P30308 pYM22 3HA klTRP1
    P30235 pYM23 3myc klTRP1
    P30236 pYM24 3HA hphNT1
    P30237 pYM25 yeGFP hphNT1
    P30238 pYM26 yeGFP klTRP1
    P30239 pYM27 EGFP kanMX4
    P30240 pYM28 EGFP HIS3MX6
    P30241 pYM29 EGFP klTRP1
    P30242 pYM30 ECFP kanMX4
    P30243 pYM31 ECFP HIS3MX6
    P30244 pYM32 ECFP klTRP1
    P30245 pYM33 EBFP kanMX4
    P30246 pYM34 EBFP klTRP1
    P30247 pYM35 DsRED1 kanMX4
    P30248 pYM36 DsRED1 klTRP1
    P30250 pYM38 RedStar kanMX4
    P30251 pYM39 EYFP kanMX4
    P30252 pYM40 EYFP hphNT1
    P30254 pYM42 RedStar* natNT2
    P30255 pYM43 RedStar2 natNT2
    P30256 pYM44 yeGFP HIS3MX6
    P30257 pYM45 1HA kanMX4
    P30258 pYM46 1myc-7HIS kanMX4
    P30259 pYM47 FlAsH hphNT1
    P30260 pYM48 PA-GFP (additional MTA required) hphNT1
    P30261 pYM51 eqFP611 (additional MTA required) hphNT1
    P30262 pYM-N1 CUP1 Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30263 pYM-N2 CUP1 Promoter, - natNT2
    P30264 pYM-N3 CUP1 Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30265 pYM-N4 CUP1 Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30266 pYM-N5 CUP1 Promoter, ProA natNT2
    P30267 pYM-N6 ADH Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30268 pYM-N7 ADH Promoter, - natNT2
    P30289 pYM-N8 ADH Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30269 pYM-N9 ADH Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30290 pYM-N10 CYC1 Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30291 pYM-N11 CYC1 Promoter, - natNT2
    P30292 pYM-N12 CYC1 Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30270 pYM-N13 CYC1 Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30271 pYM-N14 GPD Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30272 pYM-N15 GPD Promoter, - natNT2
    P30293 pYM-N16 GPD Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30273 pYM-N17 GPD Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30274 pYM-N18 TEF Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30275 pYM-N19 TEF Promoter, - natNT2
    P30294 pYM-N20 TEF Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30276 pYM-N21 TEF Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30277 pYM-N22 GAL1 Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30278 pYM-N23 GAL1 Promoter, - natNT2
    P30295 pYM-N24 GAL1 Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30279 pYM-N25 GAL1 Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30280 pYM-N26 GALL Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30281 pYM-N27 GALL Promoter, - natNT2
    P30296 pYM-N28 GALL Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30282 pYM-N29 GALL Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30283 pYM-N30 GALS Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30284 pYM-N31 GALS Promoter, - natNT2
    P30297 pYM-N32 GALS Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30285 pYM-N33 GALS Promoter, yeGFP natNT2
    P30286 pYM-N34 MET25 Promoter, - kanMX4
    P30287 pYM-N35 MET25 Promoter, - natNT2
    P30298 pYM-N36 MET25 Promoter, 3HA natNT2
    P30288 pYM-N37 MET25 Promoter, yeGFP natNT2